A significant part of Mr Saleh’s work is reconstructing defects of the body created by cancer removal, infection, traumatic injury and the effects of radiotherapy on the body’s tissues.


Mr Saleh provides reconstructive surgery for the following

Head, Neck and Facial reconstruction

Extremity reconstruction

Chest / Trunk reconstruction

Mr Saleh provides a major reconstruction service with a team of surgical colleagues. This type of work is largely performed in the NHS, and Newcastle Hospitals is recognised as one of the leading reconstructive units in the UK. Mr Saleh is privileged to be part of a well established clinical culture of innovation in Newcastle driven by his predecessors, current colleagues and allied colleagues in sister surgical specialities. Moreover, Newcastle Hospitals has been recognised as one of the very few outstanding healthcare providers in the UK as rated by the CQC agency. As a group of healthcare professionals we are fortunate to practice in an environment of innovation, best practice models and close knit teams.


Mr Saleh often uses a technique called microsurgery to transplant a specific piece of tissue from one part of the body to another to reconstruct the problem area.

NASAL reconstruction

Mr Saleh has a special interest in nasal reconstruction which is often required following injury, accidents and removal of cancers, typically skin cancers. He was fortunate to train in Brisbane Australia, where there is the highest rate of skin cancer worldwide, and he learned advanced techniques in a very high volume work-load, of complex nasal reconstructions. Following this he did further training as the Dutch Facial Plastic surgery scholar in Vienna, honing these skills in complex nasal surgery.

Currently Mr Saleh receives referrals from across the North of England and elsewhere in the UK. He works collaboratively with a wide team of other surgeons, prosthetists and psychologists to deliver excellent functional and cosmetic results. Having your nose reconstructed is a journey and our practice has the resources and skill base to treat a full range of defects from total loss of the nose to small skin defects.


To arrange an assessment please contact Mr Saleh’s NHS secretary Tracy Longworth on tracy.longworth@nuth.nhs.uk, you will require a referral from your treating doctor or General Practitioner and this can be sent via this email address.

Or alternatively if you prefer a private referral contact Amy Potter, amy@danielsaleh.co.uk